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  • Federazione Spiritista Italiana

    Home: Hours FIDES = FAITH trust, trust, trust ​ "That virtue that consists in keeping the promise, observing the facts, fulfilling one's obligations exactly. With Fides we want to indicate the belief in those truths that exist even if they cannot be explained ..." Video The 10th Spiritist Congress was organized by France in collaboration with the CEI - International Spiritist Council. The theme: Inner change - "The essential objective of the spiritualist philosophy is the improvement of man." was treated by 35 guests. The Congress broadcast online for free had thousands of attendees . Info e prenotazione COPYRIGHT, COPYRIGHT Nosso Lar 2. I Messaggeri Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied NOSSO LAR 2, The messengers The film Nosso Lar 2 waited over ten years to start shooting also thanks to piracy . Perhaps not everyone knows that the copyrights of the works of Chico Xavier were donated not only to charitable institutions but also for the dissemination of spiritualist postulates. Proceeds from the Nosso Lar book series, for example, were donated to the Brazilian Spiritist Federation so that it could print and disseminate the books wherever possible, as clarifying knowledge promotes moral charity anywhere in the world. We therefore invite our friends, spiritualist readers and spectators, promoters of spiritual growth, not to encourage the dissemination of the spiritualist work in an illicit and harmful way for the message. We disclose in a way that helps our neighbor. We work to awaken consciences. A child's message to a mother is a free grant from the spirit world through a medium. The printing of books or the production of a film, on the other hand, are not mediumistic works, but depend on the material work of many and must be respected. Furthermore, their proceeds often turn into benefits and aid for the community. It is a mechanism to be kept active and operating. Note FIDES SPIRITIST MAGAZINE Issue 9 of the Revue Spirite has been published, published on the CEI (International Spiritist Council) website in different languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German, Esperanto andItalian. Those who like it can download the Revue Spirite in Italian at the link: leggere SCREW In the preface of The Book of Spirits we find a vine branch, drawn by the Spirits to Allan Kardec by mediumistic through a medium whose identity has not been revealed . The message: Man purifies the Spirit through work and through physical work the Spirit acquires knowledge . The branch of the vine in the message to Allan Kardec represents the physical form, that is, the human body. The grape liqueur (the essence, the liquid that contains the flavor) means the Spirit. The berry, that is the grape, the fleshy part that contains the liquor, is the representation of the "soul" (Spirit incarnate). Contatti

  • Attività Gruppi | FIDES Italia

    Inizio pagina Giovedì Lunedì Sabdo Venerdì Martedì Mercoledì Domenica Attività Gruppi ✍ Nota FIDES: Le attività comunicateci dai gruppi sono a titolo informativo. Contenuti e modalità di studio di ogni gruppo non sono attribuibili alla FIDES, sia questo affiliato oppure no alla Federazione. Tuttavia in caso di segnalazione o qualora si configurassero non in conformità all'etica e alla morale spiritista, le loro comunicazioni verrano sospese. Gruppi Home Torna alla HOME Domenica PAOLO DI TARSO (SALERNO) ONLINE ⏰ 10.30 🇮🇹 Te ma : "Il Vange lo sec ondo lo Spiritismo" Conduce : Leila Bombazar ​ info: +39 388 3047129 Domenica Lunedì Lunedì FIDES Federazione ONLINE ⏰ 20.00/21.00 🇮🇹 T ema: Studio de "Il Libro degli Spiriti" Conducono: Gruppi di stu dio ⏰ 21.00/2 2.00 🇮🇹 🇧🇷 T ema: Studio Serie Psicologica Joanna De Angelis Facilitatori: Gruppi d i stu dio FIDES ​ WhatsApp: +39 366 1272227 SEME DI LUCE (Biella) PRESENZIALE-ONLINE ⏰ 17.00 🇮🇹 Te ma : "Il Vange lo secondo lo Spiritismo" ​ info: +39 333 6909002 L'AMORE IN EVOLUZIONE (Bari) ONLINE ⏰ 21.30/22.30 🇮🇹 Studio: "Opere base della codificazione " Conducono : Dom enico Romanelli e Eliana Dos Santos ​ E-mail: SENTIERI DELLO SPIRITO (Milano) ONLINE ⏰ 20.00/21.00 🇮🇹 Te ma : Pront o Famiglia Facilitatore : Dr.a Adriana Lopes ​ WhatsApp: +39 366 1272227 Martedì SEME DI LUCE (Biella) PRESENZIALE-ONLINE ⏰ 20.40 🇮🇹 Studio : "Il Vange lo secondo lo Spiritismo" ​ info: +39 333 6909002 SCIENZA DELLO SPIRITO (Trento) ONLINE ⏰ 21.00/22.00 🇮🇹 Studio : “Il Vangelo secondo lo Spiritismo" approfondendo con alcune domande de “Il Libro degli Spiriti” ​ E-mail: BEZERRA DE MENEZES (Firenze) ONLINE ⏰ 21.00/22.00 🇧🇷 Studio : “Il Vangelo secondo lo Spiritismo” ​ Info: +39 375 6222265 Martedì Mercoledì SEME DI LUCE (Biella) PRESENZIALE-ONLINE ⏰ 20.40 🇮🇹 Te ma : “Studio de Il Libro degli Spiriti e Studio Medianità” ​ info +39 333 6909002 AMORE E CARITA' (Fermo) ONLINE ⏰ 21.00 🇮🇹 Tema : S tudio Il Vangelo Secondo lo Spiritismo Facilitatore : Fernanda ​ WhatsApp: +39 347 5495448 L'AMORE IN EVOLUZIONE (Bari) ONLINE ⏰ 21. 3 0/22.30 🇮🇹 Studio: " Opere base della co dificazione " Conducono : Domeni co Romanelli e Eliana Dos S antos ​ E-mail: SENTIERI DELLO SPIRITO (Milano) PRESENZIALE-ONLINE ⏰ 19.30/20.30 🇮🇹 Tema : S tudio e Passe Facilitatore : Gruppo SDS ⏰ 20 .30/21.30 🇮🇹 Tema : Studio "Medianità studio e benedi zione" Facilitatore : Gruppo SDS ​ WhatsApp: +39 366 1272227 Mercoledì Giovedì SEME DI LUCE (Biella) ONLINE ⏰ 20.40 🇮🇹 Studio : Studio de “Il Libro dei Medium” di Allan Kardec e “A caminho da luz” di Xavier/Emmanuel ​ info +39 333 6909002 L'AMORE IN EVOLUZIONE (Bari) ONLINE ⏰ 18.00/18.45 🇮🇹 Lettura : ”Paolo e Stefano”, preghiere e irradiazione Conducono: Domenico Romanelli e Eliana dos Santos E-mail: PAOLO DI TARSO (Salerno) ONLINE ⏰ 20.30 🇮🇹 Tema : “Studio dello Spiritismo” Conduce : Leila Bombazar ​ WhatsApp: +39 388 3047129 PAOLO DI TARSO (Salerno) ONLINE ⏰ 20.30 🇮🇹 Tema : “Studio dello Spiritismo” Conduce : Leila Bombazar ⏰ 20 .30/21.30 🇮🇹 Tema : Studio "Medianità studio e benedizione" Facilitatore : Gruppo SDS ​ WhatsApp: +39 388 3047129 PAOLO DI TARSO (Salerno) ONLINE ⏰ 20.30 🇮🇹 Tema : “Studio dello Spiritismo” Conduce : Leila Bombazar ⏰ 20 .30/21.30 🇮🇹 Tema : Studio "Medianità studio e benedizione" Facilitatore : Gruppo SDS ​ WhatsApp: +39 388 3047129 Giovedì Venerdì L'AMORE IN EVOLUZIONE (Bari) ONLINE ⏰ 21.30/22.00 🇮🇹 Tema: Il Vangelo in casa Conducono: Domenico Romanelli e Eliana Dos S antos ​ E-mail: Venerdì Sabato L'AMORE IN EVOLUZIONE (Bari) ONLINE ⏰ 16.00/17.00 🇮🇹 Studio : “Varie tematiche ” Conducono: D omenico Romanelli e Eliana Dos Santos ​ E-mail: SCIENZA DELLO SPIRITO (Trento) ONLINE ⏰ 15.00/17.00 🇮🇹 Studio : "La Medianità sotto vari aspetti ” WhatsApp: Sabdo

  • Modelli di Statuto | FIDES Italia

    STATUTES Atto Costitutivo Deed of Incorporation Model It would be good to keep a record of the activities of a new group, and a Articles of Incorporation can become increasingly important over time. If you commit yourself seriously, it is also good to take your responsibilities and take care of the object of our commitment as best you can. It is a birth register, just as parents do when they register their child with theirs. The attached template is in Word to better allow you to enter your data. Spiritist Statute Models I - This model is inspired by the generic statutes of spiritualist groups in Brazil. It is very useful and we need guidance. II - It is what is meant, a model. It is a statute for a non-profit association, as are generally the spiritualist groups . The word template allows you to enter your information and customize according to your reality. Modelo de Estatuto expired We also report the basic model in Portuguese. If you are in a foreign country, si recommends making it in the language of the host country, although you can also have a copy in your own language.

  • team | FIDES Italia

    TEAM Welcome On this page we will literally meet to plan our work. Spirito d'Amore works, precisely, for the love of the spiritualist ideal and we all collaborate for its success. Since it is a service page, only subscribers will be able to access it. They collaborate IVth Meeting of Spiritist Groups Naiane Beltrami | Comunicazione UDINDE: dirigente del gruppo KAU - Gruppo Spiritismo Kardecista a Udine Juliana Matos | Assistenza fraterna POMIGLIANO: fondatrice della pagina A Proposito dello Spiritismo e del Gruppo Giuseppe Moscatti, ad Acerra. Leila Bombazar | Materiale didatico SALERNO: dirigente del Gruppo Paolo di Tarso. Ha tradotto il libro "Paolo e Stefano" edito dall'EDICEI. Karina Haertel | Facebook ROMA: vice dirigente, insieme a Mara Montes del Gruppo Spiritismo Kardecista a Roma. La dirigente è Deborah Trinchi. Please reload

  • Gruppi in Italia | FIDES Italia

    GRUPPI IN ITALIA Italy from north to south The map of spiritualist groups in Italy We have collected the main information regarding the groups existing on the Italian territory. Some have activities that are open to the public, others are small groups that gather as a family for study, and still others are networked groups, which can only be accessed online. We suggest you contact them directly, to confirm the times and methods of participation. Regione Località Gruppo Whatsapp E-mail Attività Campania ACERRA Giuseppe Moscati Campania SALERNO Paolo Di Tarso +39 388 3047129 online Emilia Romagna BOLOGNA Casa de Francesco +39 331 4678483 online/presenza Emilia-Romagna RAVENNA NUSJA Friuli-Venezia Giulia MONFALCONE Sentiero di Luce Lazio ROMA GRAK Lazio ROMA SKAR +39 339 3495068 Lazio ROMA Rinascita +39 392 4468422 online/presenza Lombardia RODANO Oltre Frontiera Lombardia MILANO Sentieri dello Spirito +39 366 1272227 online/prensenza Marche FERMO Amore e Carità +39 347 5495448 online Piemonte BIELLA Seme di Luce +39 333 6909002 online/presenza Piemonte TORINO Studio dello Spiritismo +39 320 1791642 Puglia BARI Amore in evoluzione online Toscana LUCCA Donne nel Vangelo +39 339 650 3178 online Toscana FIRENZE Bezerra de Menezes +39 375 6222265 online Trentino TRENTO Scienza dello Spirito +39 339 2723187 online Veneto VILLAFRANCA Il Focolare dello Spirito +39 339 3602928 online

  • Messaggi psicografati | FIDES Italia

    MESSAGES PSYCHOGRAPHED Spirit: Abdias Oliveira / Psychography by: AHS Brasilia, 14/11/2020 / FEB published link: Contrasts and pacification There are decisive moments in ​​ in which individual conduct is the most important manifestation of our commitment. Nowadays the abundance of information has generated a state of perplexity and discernment struggles to distinguish reality from fiction. The luminous realm of language provides the right elements to describe both reality and to model illusion. There are the facts, the fictions and the choices. The choice to create filters for reason, to distinguish the true from the apparent, characterizes the maturity of the spirit, in order to correct its actions. But it is necessary to recognize that our emotional states simultaneously interfere with our perception, our reasoning and, consequently, our actions. È urgent to take care of the education of one's feeling, to improve the education of thinking . Technical nomenclature negatively defines the influence of the past on the appropriation of the present and on the projection of the future. It happens that our perception limits, difficulties in balancing sensations and misunderstandings in the development of reasoning, constitute distortions that are difficult to detect without the benefit of effective dialogue and constructive interactions. In this chapter of human relations, the technology of peace has been a neglected tool, if not dismissed with bellicose deliberation. And the result is an evil tendency that compromises perceptions, feelings, reasoning and actions. It is necessary to cultivate peace in perceiving, peace in feeling, peace in reasoning and peace in acting! ​ Without attitudes of peace we compromise the present and waste the future. ​ Peace of perception implies goodwill in looking at the facts and a willingness to appreciate reality. Peace of mind means avoiding the bias of judgment influenced by emotional impetus. Peace in reasoning is equivalent to the sincere act of analyzing one's arguments, considering the possibility that they may be inaccurate: as much as those of others deserve to be understood and argued, but never forbidden. Every soul has the right to mature in the times that the Lord has entrusted to it . Peace in action is deciding a behavior that brings together love, justice and charity in all our manifestations, trying to do our best in all circumstances. Understanding the challenges of human communication, it is necessary to learn to diverge without pretending to argue. By diverging, we try to give space to broader reasoning; to appreciate the different aspects of the topics and to allow common growth. ​ By arguing we demand to impose and defeats and exalt victories in a sick accounting in which selfishness and pride prevail, to the detriment of uplifting learning. ​ In these troubled moments in which the anxiety of winning exceeds the price of the humiliation of others, we must maintain the serenity necessary to see the reality of things, seeking peace in our way of being. Faced with the error: peace and correction . Faced with the debate: peace and brotherhood . Facing the challenge: peace and tolerance . Faced with the accusation: peace and work. In the face of persecution: forgiveness and peace . ​ We all go to the school of life, and even when wrong, the Lord offers us the benefit of learning. But we must be sure that, in peace, we will always do better! _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Abdias Oliveira (Spirit) ​ Message received from: Paulo E. Translation from Portuguese: Denise Silva Lopes and Emanuela Virga Review: Emanuela Virga and Marina Dellafoglia

  • Libri - Ebook | FIDES Italia

    TRANSLATED BOOKS CHICO XAVIER - ANDRE LUIZ Sometimes, anonymity is the child of understanding and true love. ​ Go to page su Amazon CHICO XAVIER - ANDRE LUIZ This book presents the spiritual portrait of the creature in its disembodiment ... ​ Go to the page onAmazon VARIOUS AUTHORS - REGINA ZANELLA A pleasant and instructive reading even for those approaching spiritualist and spiritualist concepts for the first time. Go to the page onAmazon JOSE CARLOS DE LUCCA For many people, overcoming pain and suffering is an almost insuperable challenge. Go to the page onAmazon

  • Materiali | FIDES Italia

    MATERIALI the kids page Songs VIDEO BOOKS

  • incontri 2018 | FIDES Italia

    meetings 2018 1st Semester 2nd Semester

  • Fumetti | FIDES Italia

    Comics alp comics Audio Fumetti Video Please reload

  • PPS | FIDES Italia

    Presentations PPS / PPT On this page we have study materials provided by the study groups . You can contact them directly for any clarifications and / or information. SONNO E SOGNI.pptx

  • Articoli | FIDES Italia

    ARTICLES La Ghiandola Pineale Aggiungi qualche altra informazione su questo elemento... Intervista di Franco Bianchi al Dr. Sergio Felipe de Oliveira, pubblicazione Karma News Please reload Cientistas comprovam a reencarnação humana Aggiungi qualche informazione su questo elemento ​ Please reload

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