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Deed of Incorporation Model


It would be good to keep a record of the activities of a new group, and a Articles of Incorporation can become increasingly important over time.
If you commit yourself seriously, it is also good to take your responsibilities and take care of the object of our commitment as best you can. It is a birth register, just as parents do when they register their child with theirs.
The attached template is in Word to better allow you to enter your data.

Spiritist Statute Models


I - This model is inspired by the generic statutes of spiritualist groups in Brazil. It is very 

useful and we need guidance.


II -  It is what is meant, a model. It is a statute for a non-profit association, as are generally the spiritualist groups . 

The word template allows you to enter your information and customize according to your reality.

Modelo de Estatuto expired


We also report the basic model in Portuguese. If you are in a foreign country, si  recommends making it in the language of the host country, although you can also have a copy in your own language.

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