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Spirit: Abdias Oliveira / Psychography by: AHS

Brasilia, 14/11/2020 / FEB published link:

Contrasts and pacification

There are decisive moments in ​​ in which individual conduct is the most important manifestation of our commitment.


Nowadays the abundance of information has generated a state of perplexity and discernment struggles to distinguish reality from fiction.


The luminous realm of language provides the right elements to describe both reality and to model illusion.


There are the facts, the fictions and the choices.


The choice to create filters for reason, to distinguish the true from the apparent, characterizes the maturity of the spirit, in order to correct its actions. But it is necessary to recognize that our emotional states simultaneously interfere with our perception, our reasoning and, consequently, our actions.


È  urgent to take care of the education of one's feeling, to improve the education of thinking . 


Technical nomenclature negatively defines the influence of the past on the appropriation of the present and on the projection of the future.


It happens that our perception limits, difficulties in balancing sensations and misunderstandings in the development of reasoning, constitute distortions that are difficult to detect without the benefit of effective dialogue and constructive interactions.


In this chapter of human relations, the technology of peace has been a neglected tool, if not dismissed with bellicose deliberation. And the result is an evil tendency that compromises perceptions, feelings, reasoning and actions.


It is necessary to cultivate peace in perceiving, peace in feeling, peace in reasoning and peace in acting!

Without attitudes of peace we compromise the present and waste the future. 

Peace of perception implies goodwill in looking at the facts and a willingness to appreciate reality. Peace of mind means avoiding the bias of judgment influenced by emotional impetus.
Peace in reasoning is equivalent to the sincere act of analyzing one's arguments, considering the possibility that they may be inaccurate: as much as those of others deserve to be understood and argued, but never forbidden. Every soul has the right to mature in the times that the Lord has entrusted to it . 

Peace in action is deciding a behavior that brings together love, justice and charity in all our manifestations, trying to do our best in all circumstances.

Understanding the challenges of human communication,  it is necessary to learn to diverge without pretending to argue. By diverging, we try to give space to broader reasoning; to appreciate the different aspects of the topics and to allow common growth.

By arguing we demand to impose and defeats and exalt victories in a sick accounting in which selfishness and pride prevail, to the detriment of uplifting learning.

In these troubled moments in which the anxiety of winning exceeds the price of the humiliation of others, we must maintain the serenity necessary to see the reality of things, seeking peace in our way of being.

Faced with the error: peace and correction . 

Faced with the debate: peace and brotherhood . 

Facing the challenge: peace and tolerance . 

Faced with the accusation: peace and work. 

In the face of persecution: forgiveness and peace . 

We all go to the school of life, and even when wrong, the Lord offers us the benefit of learning. But we must be sure that, in peace, we will always do better! _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Abdias Oliveira (Spirit)

Message received from: Paulo E.

Translation from Portuguese: Denise Silva Lopes and Emanuela Virga

Review: Emanuela Virga and Marina Dellafoglia

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