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If you share an interest in learning about and learning about spirit science and would like to found a new study group in your area or city, please contact us.



The study and in-depth meetings are established within the groups themselves and vary in the days of the week and at the times. If you are looking for a group to attend, visit the Groups page. If you are looking for one of the international Federations represented at the CEI, visit the relevant page.


Groups that are structured to welcome those who want to deepen their knowledge, or that seek help, must form associations.

The first step should be to sign the Constitutive Act which certifies when the meetings started, who were the promoters and / or founders, etc. On the download page you will find the models. It is a very simple document to fill out but which constitutes an important historical document for the future of spiritualist philosophy.
The study material is vast, even if only a small part has been translated into Italian.

​Among the editions: Casa del Nazareno, Leal and FEB.


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