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There is no other unshakable faith other than that which can face reason face to face, in all ages of humanity. AK

The Philosophy of the Spirit, or Spiritist, is known for the spirit of consolation. By explaining to man where he comes from, why he is in the world and where he will go after the death of the physical body, he has reasons to resign himself and to understand the problems and le 


For a correct information it is recommended to read and study the basic Works della Spiritica Philosophy. They were written by Allan Kardec

sufferings of human existence, finding peace and serenity, as well as hope in the future and in better days.

It is a science that deals with the nature, origin and destiny of Spirits, as well as their relationships with the material world. things that let man know where he comes from, where he is going and why he is on Earth; reminder of the true principles of God's law and consolation through faith and hope.

Revealing new concepts about man and his surroundings, Spiritism embraces all fields of human knowledge, activities and behaviors, opening a new era for the regeneration of humanity. it must be studied, analyzed and practiced, in all the fundamental aspects of life: scientific, philosophical, religious, ethical, moral, educational and social.

Consistent with its principles, Spiritism does not impose itself on anyone, it wants to be accepted freely and out of personal conviction. He expounds his doctrine to receive and then accept those who approach it spontaneously and voluntarily; does not try to detach anyone from their religious convictions.

However, over the centuries, the opponents who have not bothered to know Spiritism as well as its appearance, have done nothing but mystify it by attributing to it definitions and practices that do not concern it, defining its practice as deceptive and dangerous; thus surrendering to total ignorance of the term itself.

What do these so-called dangerous spirits teach? They say thus: "Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself". And further: “Love one another as brothers. Forgive your enemies; forget  insults, do not do to others what you want not to be done to you! ”_ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ But even Jesus said all this; their morality is therefore that of the Gospel.

In what way, then, would spiritistic teaching be pernicious? It explains the unexplained, demonstrates the possibility of what had been thought impossible; it proves the usefulness of prayer; he only says that the prayer of the heart is the only effective one and that of the lips a vain simulacrum: who would dare to argue otherwise? The eternity of pains! The Reincarnation! Here is the great stumbling block. But if these facts ever become as certified and common as the movement of the earth around the sun, it would be necessary to surrender to the evidence.






The text includes 1019 questions posed to the Spiritual World by Allan Kardec,

and their mediumistic responses from a group of mediums of

different countries. A comparative method today, scientific then.

The science of the spirit is present throughout the world, having developed in

particular way in Brazil: about 20,000 centers for over 30 million among adepts

and sympathizers.

Spiritualist philosophy does not constitute a formal religion, its practitioners

they can belong to any ideology: Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, etc.

Groups can be independent or linked to Associations or Federations at the level

National and International.

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